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Car Headlights Supplier Teaches You How To Use The Lights Correctly

Released on Jan. 04, 2019

The car headlight modification shop thinks that the car headlights can be said to be the "eyes" of the car, mainly responsible for the lighting work at night. Can you really use the headlights in the car? Headlights are not as simple as pressing a switch. Proper use of car lights is not only a reflection of your responsibility, but also a responsibility to other drivers and pedestrians.

Let Modic Volkswagen Lamp Supplier talk to everyone about the proper use of car headlights today.

1. How do you see if you are driving a low beam or a high beam?

It may not sound reliable, but the fact is that many car owners are so close to the light or the high beam in the process of driving, in fact, it is very well distinguished. The sign of the high beam is straight, and the sign of the low beam is a diagonal downward line.

2. Under what circumstances do you need to switch the low beam?

In order to protect the safety of yourself and others during the driving process, in the following four situations, you need to immediately change the high beam to low beam:

First, when there is a car coming over;

Second, when the distance from the front direction of the car is relatively close;

The third is when the road is bright enough;

The fourth is when passing through railway intersections and entering urban roads.

3. Under what circumstances do you use low beam or high beam?

The low beam light is mainly used for driving in the nighttime urban area, and the light beam is relatively scattered;

The high beam is suitable for driving in the wild or on the highway at night, because it has a long irradiation distance and is safe and reliable. Can not be used in urban areas, the high beam angle is high, it is easy to shake the eyes of pedestrians and opposite drivers, affecting their sight, thus bringing great security risks to the driving.

Traffic accidents are inseparable from lighting. From now on, learn to use the headlights in the car correctly and develop good driving habits.

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