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Car Lighting Modification To Consider A Lot Of Details

Released on Jan. 31, 2019

For the headlights, a long period of time will lead to a series of problems, such as the light type is scattered, not concentrated, and there are safety hazards in the light, the light inside the lamp will fog, the penetration ability is not strong, this is Need to be Modified Auto Lamp.

Of course, many car owners also said that it is illegal to change the lights, so it is necessary to change the lights reasonably. Therefore, it is dangerous for other car owners. Many people use double-lens lenses for their penetrating ability, but the color temperature cannot be too much. Blue, so this will bring safety hazards to the opposite car, this is also the car can not pass.

There are several important reasons for changing the lights:

1. The problem of paving area. At this time, changing the lights is to increase the paving area and reduce unnecessary safety hazards for pedestrians.

2, the lighting is more stable, the owner must have seen other cars appear to be particularly bright when the lights are turned on, the length of the back is darkened, and driving is very dangerous.

3, personality, there are many owners who like personality, it will increase the devil eyes, angel tears, this is also allowed, especially in the evening when the effect is better. We also have injection molds such as Vibration Friction Welding Machine For Taillamp. If you want to know more product information, you can contact us directly.

plastic injection mould for car headlamp housing

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