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Car Personalized Modification, Starting With Modified Lighting

Released on Mar. 01, 2019

Modified Car Lights is a relatively primitive and common form of car modification, and the car lights are simple to change, the technical content is not high, and the hands-on ability of the car owners can also buy the car lights matching the car on the network platform, do it yourself. Replacement, the replaced lights will be brighter, more cool, and increase the safety of the car.

Personalized modification of the vehicle, starting from the "eyes" of the car to start the vehicle personalized modification, is a small change, paste a flower, paste a solar film, modify a car light, etc. are small changes in the scope, simple and easy, do not affect The overall structure improves the grade of the whole vehicle and makes the car more fashionable and individual. If the lighting is modified, the safety of driving will be improved to some extent. Today, Modified Chevrolet Lamp Supplier will give you an explanation.

First, the lighting system modified car lights like the car's "eyes", dignified atmosphere of the lights or smart and playful lights will reflect a different style. The modified lights can also show the different temperament and taste of the owner, which is beautiful and practical.

Second, Xenon headlights modified Xenon headlights have high color temperature and strong penetrating power, which can improve the brightness of vehicle headlights and enhance the safety of driving in rainy and nighttime. The common blue and white xenon lights will make the driver of the other party feel dizzy and not humanized. The vehicle modified with the yellow light xenon lamp avoids the glare, and also improves the penetration effect of the foggy day, which can improve the safety of driving.

Third, the rear taillights modified car taillights are much simpler to modify, as long as the car body color according to the car body color, etc., to remove the old taillights, install a new taillights, the taillights are generally converted to LED light source, the role is Power saving, reduce the load on the car battery, increase the brightness, improve the warning function, and increase the safety.

Summary: The modification of the car lighting system is a relatively simple and easy project for motor vehicle modification. The owner with strong hands-on ability can complete it by himself, and it is almost unnecessary to go through the complicated procedures such as change registration of the vehicle management, which is the modified Xenon headlight annual inspection. Will pass, pay attention to keep the original car headlights back to the original state can pass the annual inspection.

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