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What Are The Installation Procedures For Modified Car Lights?

Released on Nov. 29, 2018

What are the installation procedures for Modified Car Lights?

1. Open the engine compartment cover and observe the rear of the headlights and the layout of the car parts.

2. Determine the headlight model of the car, pay attention to the headlights of the headlights of the headlights;

3. If there is not enough space, then go to the professional "4S" store to replace it;

4. Unscrew the lamp cover. Note that the method of removing the lamp cover will be slightly different depending on the model;

5. Pull out the lamp holder with the power cord. When pulling out, pay attention to the hand lamp to avoid damage.

6. Release the lamp holder circlip to remove the lamp and reinstall the new lamp.

Be sure to screw it when reinstalling the dust cover to prevent the headlights from being exposed to rain and dust.

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Modified Auto Taillamp

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