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What Are The Relevant Knowledge Of Modified Car Lights?

Released on Nov. 26, 2018

Some people may ask, is Modification Car Lights too exaggerated? There is no practical effect? We do not rule out that some of them are just for decoration, in fact, this is understandable. However, the off-road vehicle is equipped with additional lights, which is actually needed, and off-road lighting is still a very important learning!

The lighting used in real off-road is very important. It originated from some intercontinental endurance racing cars, and night lighting is a necessary safety measure for drivers at night. As an off-road 4WD owner, the following four types of lights must be known:

Fog light

This is one of the most commonly used additional lights. In the case of heavy fog driving, the fog itself has a astigmatism effect. When the general lamp is exposed to fog, it will disperse the light, forming a white barrier, and in the fog. In the case of oncoming vehicles, it is not easy to detect your presence and cause certain dangers. However, the yellow light of the fog lamp is more easily absorbed by the fog than the white light, so that the driver has a better sense of distance and can provide a clearer view of the driving.

2. Spotlights

Spotlights are light with a concentrating effect that allows the light to be concentrated in a small range, and its light range is the farthest. Even when flying at high speed on the highway, it is easy for other road users. aware. While driving in the jungle, off-road vehicles can use spotlights to illuminate objects farther away, or as a way to explore, search, and save in nighttime environments.

3. Special driving lights

This is a type of lamp that performs its best in a completely dark environment. When the general high or low light can not provide comprehensive illumination, it can achieve a relatively broad and comprehensive illumination surface, and the illumination surface of this group of lamps has covered the range of high and low illumination.

4. Steering auxiliary light

The steering assist light is to be used together with the original headlights. When the driver needs a wide-angle view space, the set of auxiliary lights needs to be turned on. Because of its refracting surface structure, it has a better wide surface. It is called steering because it is usually used in some winding mountain roads, hence the name.

Because these devices are not required to be used on most roads, and some additional lights are used together, they will cancel each other out. For example, in the case of heavy fog, you only rely on fog lights to guide you forward. If you open special lights or spotlights at the same time, the function of the fog lights will be wasted. We can provide you with a variety of headlights such as Modified Lexus Lamp, Modified Volkswagen Beetle Headlamp.

Modified Volkswagen Beetle Headlamp

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