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6 Precautions For Car Headlight Upgrade

Released on Nov. 09, 2018

1. Whether the shape is good or not, depending on the lighting plan, first analyze the spatial structure, layout, appearance, double lens classification of the classified car lights, whether you can install the LED angel tears, and the owner asks for the price. To choose the most suitable car headlight decoration embellishment;

2. The car headlights should be clean and clean; too much dust will affect the beautiful at first, it is not good! The next step is the formation of the penetrating force that affects the light. Although it is not big, it needs to be classified! Even if you don't have a dusty work room or a dust-washing thing, don't go to the light store!

3. Behind the headlights of the car must be sealed; some car headlight assemblies will not completely surround the headlights before the modification. At this time, it is necessary to use the extension hose. If there is no such thing, please seriously consider whether you can choose ;

4. All wiring should be welded, equipped with heat-shrinkable tube, and then with insulating tape, so as to maintain the original car's line, prevent artificial damage and lead to spontaneous combustion!

5. The front cover of the car headlights and the rear case must be tightly sealed. It is best to match the imported waterproof sealant so that it can be replaced to prevent the water from entering the water.

6. The most important point: the light type, not to say that the car light shell is turned over, it is ok to install the xenon lamp inside, so that anyone can modify the double light lens, the xenon lamp should be installed, the orientation is right, The light type is suitable, depending on a lot of flaws, there is a certain experience, if the orientation of the installation is not suitable, the light type is not suitable, so that not only can not increase the role of lighting, but also has a great impact on your driving distance. ! ! The more detailed and best about adjusting the car headlights, it is not a simple tune! This is a responsible question!

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