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Three Types Of Headlights Modified By Headlights

Released on Mar. 15, 2019

Want to change the Xenon headlights, or have changed the Xenon headlights, Modified Chevrolet Lamp Manufacturer will take everyone to see, this Xenon headlights is what is going on, how to modify the training, can not be mistaken. There are currently three types of headlights on the market, namely halogen headlights, LED headlights and xenon headlights. These three headlights also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Halogen headlights, the principle of illumination is the same as that of incandescent lamps, but because incandescent lamps have a fatal defect: the brightness is limited, the tungsten wire will volatilize under high temperature, and it will condense on the outer casing, causing the bulb to become black and affect the life. Therefore, people fill the incandescent lamp with halogen element gas, which can effectively increase the melting point and life of the tungsten wire. At the same power, the brightness of the halogen lamp can reach 1.5 times that of the incandescent lamp, and the life is also 2 to 3 times that of the incandescent lamp.

2, LED headlights, LED has many advantages, because the use of light-emitting diodes, so has the advantage of smaller size, is now the designer's favorite, can be assembled into a variety of shapes, very flexible. But LEDs also have drawbacks, such as heat dissipation. If the heat is not good, the life will be greatly shortened. The low-end LED lamp is also less energy efficient than the energy-saving lamp (cold cathode tube, CCFL). The initial purchase cost is higher. Because the LED light source is very directional, the luminaire design needs to consider the special optical characteristics of the LED.

3, Xenon headlights, the English abbreviation is HID - gas discharge lamp, which was first used in air transportation. The interior is filled with an inert gas mixture including helium, and there is no filament of a halogen lamp. The principle of illumination is that an arc is formed between the two electrodes and illuminated by an actuator and an electronic ballast. Because the presence of xenon lamp is similar to the start-up time of “preheating”, it takes three to four seconds to reach the rated brightness after lighting the headlights. At this time, I want to use the high beam to remind the car or the front car. The delay of these seconds is not It's reliable, so many cars use xenon in the low beam, and the high beam still uses halogen lamps.

The transformation is risky and the upgrade needs to be cautious. We know that Modified Car Lights has a strong practicality in daily driving, so it is more important to pay attention to during the modification process. In addition to meeting the needs of self-driving, we should also pay attention to the basic ethics, to avoid stimulating others to cause safety hazards, and this requires the correct modification of civilization and the adjustment of the height of the lights.

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