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Have You Encountered Any Problems When Modifying The Lights?

Released on Mar. 05, 2019

Have you encountered these problems when changing lights? Today, Modified Chevrolet Lamp Supplier will take you to know.

What is the salt in the xenon lamp?

Xenon lamps are illuminated by these salts. When the lamp is just lit, the voltage between the poles is about 25 kV. This high voltage is used to ignite the arc. The blue color you see when you turn on the light is actually the light from the arc between the two electrodes. After the arc starts, the temperature rises to cause the sublimation of the salt to vaporize, and the vaporized salt is then ionized by the arc to become plasma. Plasma light is the light emitted by the xenon lamp, while the plasma maintains the arc, which reduces the electrode voltage to 84 volts.

Why is the ballast used with AC?

Some early xenon lamps used direct current, but their xenon lamps have a shorter life. This is because in the case of direct current, one electrode is continuously bombarded by high-speed positive ions for a long time, causing electrode erosion. This results in a significant reduction in electrode life. With alternating current, the high-speed positive ions uniformly bombard the two electrodes, which invisibly doubles the life of the xenon lamp. Another advantage is that the temperature of the electrode is lower when it is alternating current, because the anode and cathode electrodes change about 400 times per second (one electrode of the direct current is always the anode), so that the two electrodes alternately act as a heating anode instead of one electrode. There are also reports that AC arcs are easier to maintain.

Why are there two glass tubes in the xenon lamp?

Take a closer look at the xenon lamp and you will find that the arc chamber is in the glass tube and there is a second glass tube on the outside. This is because the two layers of glass have different tasks. The inner glass is a special glass that can withstand the high temperature and high pressure generated by the arc and transmits light. The outer glass is used to isolate the large amount of ultraviolet radiation produced by the xenon lamp. This is why you should never use a xenon lamp with a broken or broken outer glass. The ultraviolet light produced by the xenon lamp is very strong, it can cause blindness and / or cause terrible burns (equivalent to sunburn, but it will reach 2 or 3 degrees burn).

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