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What Problems Should I Pay Attention To When Driving At Night?

Released on Jan. 11, 2019

I believe that everyone knows that the probability of an accident at night is higher than that during the day, because at night, the visibility is relatively low and the line of sight is relatively poor. This makes people feel tired easily, so the safety of driving at night is worthy of attention. Today, Modified Ford Focus Taillamp supplier will tell you what is the point of attention at night driving?

Driving at night, turning on the headlights is undoubtedly an important thing, because headlights not only let you see others, but also let others know about your existence. But if you use the lights incorrectly, it will increase the chance of an accident.

The current urban roads basically have relatively good lighting effects, so driving in the city at night usually only needs to open the low beam. But don't think that you can turn on the lights or don't remember to open on a well-lit street, because others don't necessarily know your existence, because turning on the headlights at night is not just for lighting yourself.

Some cities have begun to impose penalties on owners who use the high beam. Because there are no central barriers in the urban areas, the high beam will have a great impact on the sights of the opposite vehicles. Of course, it will also cause nuisance to pedestrians.

The use of high beam lights not only affects the opposite vehicles and pedestrians, but also affects the front vehicles. Because the rear view mirror and the side mirrors of the front car will reflect the strong light to the driver, which will also affect the safety of the driving.

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