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How Much Do You Know About The Modification Time And Precautions Of The Lights?

Released on Mar. 21, 2019

Modified Skoda Lamp Supplier explained that changing the lights is based on each model, and the time is usually within 2-8 hours. However, it is not excluded that some models need to be programmed and decoded. In this case, the time is longer, so all the friends who want to change the lights must arrange the time according to the actual situation. In addition, remind everyone that car owners should pay attention to the existence of the vent hole in the car headlight configuration, so it will be more likely to occur due to aerosol or aerosol condensation. This is a normal situation, you do not have to overdo it. worry.

Changing the lights is a very popular way. Changing the lights can make the car look more beautiful and protect your life. Therefore, it is necessary to change the lights, but it must be in compliance with the regulations. Go on.

Xenon headlights are very complicated parts and crafts. The bad xenon lamps often have a short life span, the bulbs are easy to burn out, and the color temperature and scattering angles often do not meet the requirements, so you can choose a large degree of visibility. 

Modified Subaru Lamp Expoter gives you some tips on how to modify the lights. You can refer to them.

1. Pay attention to the brand and quality of headlight modification.

There are many kinds of modified parts of automobile headlights, and the price difference is huge. The fish heads are mixed, especially the headlights of the car directly related to the personal safety of driving at night, so special care must be taken.

2. Headlight modification must comply with regulations

 There are many regulations and restrictions on car headlights overseas, especially Xenon headlights, which have clear rules for their color temperature, brightness and angle. Although the current domestic regulations are not comprehensive, it is also necessary to select modified HIDs that comply with overseas safety regulations, because these regulations are based on the bottom line requirements of safe driving, and you should not make fun of your own life. In addition, some cities in China currently have local regulations that restrict car headlights. It is best to try to understand before changing the car.

3. Change the light should be considered by others

Some owners who have changed their HID lights often cause resentment from passers-by. On the one hand, some people choose a HID with a light color that is too bright for some of the cooler colors. This blue light will especially stimulate the passersby and drivers. The eyes are not only unpleasant, but also affect safety. On the other hand, many car owners do not pay attention to the rules of the lights at night, such as driving a high beam when driving, randomly flashing lights, and so on. Due to the greater brightness of the headlight modification, such a bad use of light habits is more harmful and more likely to be offensive.

4. Legal regulations

Many car owners do not pay attention to the rules of the lights at night, such as driving a high beam when driving, and flashing lights at random. In this regard, it should be reminded that the traffic control department has mandatory regulations on the power of the car lighting, and the wattage of the headlights cannot exceed 60 watts.

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