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What Are The Precautions For Snowy Car Safety Driving?

Released on Dec. 04, 2018

In addition to keeping warm in winter, everyone must pay attention to safety when going out, especially those who drive, must pay attention to the safety of driving. Modified Car Lights: Top Ten Precautions for Safe Driving in Snow.

1, starting to slip

When the vehicle starts on the snowy road, it often encounters the phenomenon of tire slip. Sometimes the more the oil tire is slippery, the most important thing is the word “stable”! Don’t mess with the oil when starting, the first thing to do It is to stabilize the throttle to slow the oil and control the throttle to stabilize.

2, check the wiper

Check that the wiper and glass water are normal before driving. The snow on the roof will melt down from the windshield after melting, and it can be cleaned with a wiper. When driving on the muddy road, the mud points on the front of the car will splash on the front windshield, and the sprayed glass water will be cleaned with a rain brush to maintain a good line of sight.

3, rapid acceleration and slip

When driving on snow and ice, try to avoid the sudden acceleration of the accelerator pedal, because if you step on the throttle, the tires of the vehicle will slip, but the acceleration will not be effective.

4, sudden braking side slip, iris

When driving a vehicle on ice and snow, you need to brake, do not slam on the brakes. This may cause the vehicle to lose control. Don't slam the direction and try to change the slip state by the direction of rotation. This is very dangerous. It will not only correct the problem, but sometimes it will be counterproductive.

5, the curve deceleration does not exceed the car

When driving on the road, you will inevitably encounter bends and ramps, especially the ramps of some overpasses, which are both corners and ramps. If the snow here is pressed more smoothly, it will be more prone to accidents than other sections. It is necessary to decelerate in advance when cornering, keep the speed of the vehicle at a low speed, and try not to overtake or change lanes in the corner.

6, fog lights, headlights used cautiously

In the snowy day, in order to keep all the people driving, the line of sight is clear. If it is not a foggy day, try not to open the fog lamp, not to mention the headlights. If you are driving, others, it seems to be a piece of white, it is even more inconspicuous, prone to accidents. If it is driving under heavy snow, the visibility is very low, you must remember to turn on the fog lights and slow down at the same time.

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