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Why Is The Right Side Of The Car Low Beam Higher Than The Left Side?

Released on Jan. 22, 2019

Why is the left side of my headlights lower than the right side? This is a question that many riders will ask. Many people may know that there is no clear tangent to the high beam of the headlights, while the low beam has a regular tangent. Because this is the standard light type stipulated by the state - the car low beam type requires left low right! But why is this design, you know? Today, Modified Car Lights Supplier will tell you the answer.

1. Protect pedestrian safety. In China's traffic regulations, vehicles are allowed to drive to the right, while on the roadside there are non-motorized lanes for non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. The function of the right side of the light type above the left side is to be able to shine farther and find the pedestrians ahead, so as to remind the non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians in front, and let the driver of the vehicle respond in advance.

2. Protect driving safety. The left side of the vehicle is usually the direction of the car that is opposite the car. The function of the light type on the left side is to make the light not affect the vision of the driver on the opposite side, so that it will not be dazzled and glare, so that the driver can see the road condition and avoid the car accident. From this, you can also understand why the car is required to turn the high beam into low beam.

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2014 UP Toyota prado headlamp in benz style

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