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Reasons And Solutions For Dim Lights

Released on Nov. 06, 2018

When the car is in use, the brightness of the headlights of the car often becomes dark, which not only affects normal driving, but also causes serious safety problems. In this case, the expert analysis of the car change lamp may be caused by the following reasons.

The reasons for the dim light are generally as follows:

1. There is dust on the astigmatism glass or mirror.

2. The surface of the bulb glass is black, the bulb luminosity is lower than the specified requirement, and the bulb filament is not located at the reflection focus, causing astigmatism.

3. Bad grounding.

4. The wire is too thin, the resistance is increased, and the wire is overheated, which affects the conduction.


1. Check if the battery is fully charged. If there is insufficient storage, it should be charged.

2. Check if the connecting wire and the grounding wire joint are loose. If it is loose, remove the rust and fix it with sandpaper.

3. If the headlight wire is too thin, the standard wire should be replaced.

4. Check the light glass and mirror dirt and wipe it with a lint-free cloth or with lens paper.

5. The filament is not at the focus of the mirror and the bulb should be replaced.

If the majority of car owners find that the lights are dark during the driving process, they must not be uncomfortable, because the brightness of the lights is related to the safety of driving at night or in special weather, and it is necessary to find the cause in time. When necessary, come to a professional car to change the lights to replace or modify the lights.

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