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What Is The Reason For Modified Car Lights?

Released on Oct. 29, 2018

In the past, the owner of the car was pursuing the pursuit of "having a car open" and "opening a good car." With the rapid development of the domestic automobile market, the consumer population of automobiles has also begun to show significant changes. Nowadays, as the first batch of car consumers gradually enter the middle age, they have higher and higher requirements for the performance and quality of the car. The upgrade and modification of the car parts can meet their higher requirements for car performance. .

The purpose of the car owner's modification of the car can be summarized as three types: one is for the appearance, the interior is better and more personalized; the second is to make driving safer; the third is to increase the handling and speed of the car.

For the car stickers for their own cars, the requirements for car modification, everything is around the improvement of security. The owner of the car needs to be considered in the selection of accessories. Because if the choice of "material" is not appropriate, it will affect the safety of driving, and adversely affect the performance of the car.

Taking the modification of car headlights as an example, Xenon headlights are increasingly favored by car owners and car owners, not only because they can clearly see distant things, but also because they represent a noble The extraordinary temperament. It is well known that xenon lamps are generally only available on higher-grade models. For this reason, the car owners usually think that this is the most ostentatious and simplest modification. However, the original xenon lamps of high-end vehicles have lenses that produce a concentrating effect, and the emitted light does not diverge to interfere with the oncoming vehicle. However, many privately-installed xenon lamps do not have lenses in order to pursue economic benefits. Therefore, when the car is in use, the high color temperature lighting will cause the driver of the other party to have an instantaneous visual "blind zone", which can not see the road surface and is prone to traffic accidents.

When it comes to Modified Car Lights, the price of halogen lamps is relatively cheap compared to xenon lamps. For some owners who are looking for high quality and low prices, it is more cost-effective to choose halogen lamps. The first is the damage, the price of the replacement is several times lower than the price of the xenon lamp; the second is that it is usually only in the urban area or not often at night, the ordinary halogen lighting can be completely. And if the owner intends to increase the brightness of the car headlights to a more ideal effect, then only need to upgrade the original lights. The original factory upgraded products of the night walker 2 generations increased the brightness of their original original lights by 90%, the illumination light column increased by 35 meters, and has excellent light performance. The most important thing is that the product is fully compliant with the regulatory product and meets the inspection requirements.

For safety reasons, car owners need to be cautious when upgrading their lights, and the easiest way is to choose the original upgraded products.

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