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How To Use The Car Lighting System Correctly? 1

Released on May. 11, 2019

First of all, let's take a look at the lighting system of the car. There are several types of driving lights, low beam lights, high beam lights, fog lights, turn signals, and reverse lights. As a Welding Mould Manufacturer, let's take a look at how to use it one by one.

Driving lights: It is also known as the "small lights", which are generally the first block of the light switch. At this time, the instrument lights in the car are all lit, and the front and rear of the car will also light two small lights. The brightness of the xenon lamp is not large, mainly to allow the four corners of the body to be seen. This light should be lit in dark places such as dark weather, rainy days or underground parking lots.

Low beam: Use when driving in the city at night. On the one hand, the roads in the city have street lighting, no need for high-beam lights to explore the distant roads, just look at the road conditions in front of the car; on the other hand, the traffic volume in the urban roads is large, and if the lights are on, Not only does the vehicle glare when the car is in use, but it also affects the line of sight of the pedestrians on both sides of the road. In the case of heavy rain, heavy snow, etc., not only the visibility is very low, but also the braking distance of the vehicle will increase a lot, so it is best to turn on the low beam at this time so that other vehicles can find themselves at the farthest distance.

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High beam: When the high beam lights up, the blue light on the dashboard will illuminate as a reminder. It is more suitable to use the high beam in the wilderness or on the road without street lighting, but remember to switch back to the low beam when the car is in order to avoid dazzling the driver. If there are a lot of vehicles on the road, it is best to switch to the low beam mode when approaching the front vehicle, which can reduce the interference to the driver of the preceding vehicle.

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