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How To Use The Car Lighting System Correctly? 2

Released on May. 14, 2019

As a Welding Mould Manufacturer, we continue to share some of the considerations for using car lights.

Turn signal: The most basic use of the turn signal is to give other vehicles and passers-by signals when the vehicle turns to remind others. Sometimes the turn signal can also act as a lighting in a narrow place so that the driver can observe obstacles on both sides. When both sides of the turn signal are turned on at the same time, the warning and the width function are activated.

Hazard warning flash: It is used as a signal to remind other vehicles and pedestrians that special circumstances have occurred in the car. First, when a fault occurs on the road or a traffic accident occurs, and the second is to drive the faulty motor vehicle, both the tractor and the tractor should turn on the hazard warning flash. In addition, when the motor vehicle is driving on the road, the dangerous alarm flash cannot be turned on at will.

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Fog lights: It is easy to understand from the name. Fog lights are light signals used in foggy weather. Fog lights have stronger penetrating power in the fog, so it is easier for vehicles or pedestrians to notice early.

Reversing light: When reversing, there will be a white reversing light at the rear of the car. On the one hand, it can illuminate the road surface and obstacles at the rear of the car, and reduce the blind spot when reversing. On the other hand, it is also a reminder to the pedestrians at the rear. The reversing lights are all associated with the reverse gear and do not need to be operated separately. However, if the reversing lights fail, they should be repaired in time to avoid danger when driving at night.

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